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ConsumerHouse services


In-Home Test

With an In-Home survey, we package and ship your product to specifically selected respondents.

They will then assess your product from home. 

Some examples of this are;

Soft drinks, yogurt, frozen pizzas, cookies, cheese, mattresses, detergent, ...

During a taste test, we call on specific respondents to come and test your product at one of our test locations.

Some examples of this are;

Beer, energy drinks, cheese, hot vegetables,

chips, frozen fries, water, ... 

Burger eten.jpg

Taste testing


Shelf research / product research

A real store rack is built in which the respondent has to 'shop'.

Some examples of this are;

Fruit drinks, yogurt, cheese, alcoholic drinks, cookies, cheese, ...

Some examples of this are;

Banks, insurance companies, car brands,

social secretariats, supermarkets, ... 

Online onderzoek.jpg

Research online

Interview straat.jpeg

Face to face interview (F2F)

We offer different types of F2F interviews;

-Exit interviews: respondents are asked when leaving the store. Some examples of this are;

clothing chains, supermarkets, furniture chains, shopping centers, ...

-Street interviews

-In home interviews

- ...

We take care of the complete organization of your

high-quality field work. If necessary, we can offer recruitment services, professional moderators,

experienced note takers, catering, ...

Our room has;

- A discussion & monitoring room with one-way mirror

- A modern recording equipment

- A mobile plasma with PC/DVD connection

- Wi-Fi

Kwalitatief onderzoek.JPG




Some examples of this are;

Gambling, car maintenance, energy supplies, drinks retailers, magazines, ... 

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